Long List Predictions

Anyone want to try and guess what books might be on the Man Booker long list? I have wondered if last year’s prize went to Julian Barnes just because he had been nominated so many times. So I wonder if we could predict the winner without even seeing the long list.

Here are a few books that I expect to show up on the long list:

1. Quality of Mercy by Barry Unsworth. This is the sequel to Sacred Hunger that won the Booker in 1992. Mr. Unsworth passed away from cancer on June 5th. My guess is that this one has an inside track to win the Booker. I would like to read Sacred Hunger first if Mercy does make the long list.

2. Chemistry of Tears by Peter Carey – Mr. Carey has won the Booker twice – once for Oscar and Lucinda and again for The True History of The Kelly Gang.  I am currently listening to The True History of the Kelly Gang and will review this book as soon as I have finished it. Oscar and Lucinda is on my to read shelf.   Mr. Carey has also made the long/short lists umpteen times.

3. Bring Up the Bodies by Hiliary Mantel –  Ms. Mantel won a few years ago for Wolf Hall. Bring Up the Bodies is also a sequel to Wolf Hall and is getting good reviews. I am currently reading Wolf Hall and although it is a very well written book, it is also fairly tedious to read.  I will be very surprised if Bring Up the Bodies does not make the long list.

4. Painter of Silence by Georgina Harding – Aaron and I did not care for this one all that much, but as it was short listed for the Orange Prize, I can see it on the long list for the Booker.

5. Sweet Tooth by Ian McEwan – everything he writes is short listed and he has won for Amsterdam – this one won’t be published until August but I think it makes the Booker criteria this year.

6. How it All Began by Penelope Lively – Ms. Lively has been short listed 3 times and won for Moon Tiger in 1987

7. The Girl Who Fell From the Sky by Simon Mawer – Mr. Mawer was short listed for Glass House in 2011.

Well, here are 7 books that might just make it – only a week left and we will know for sure…



  1. “I have wondered if last year’s prize went to Julian Barnes just because he had been nominated so many times.”

    Ouch! It was well deserving of the prize imho. 🙂

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