Book Review: 2012 Long Listed: Ned Beauman’s The Teleportation Accident (Review #3)

The_Teleportation_AccidentRating: 4.5
The Teleportation Accident
A Novel by Ned Beauman
2012 / 357 Pages

This review was simultaneously published on 40GigsAndaMule on 9/9/2012

Oh, how to review the unreviewable? Let’s begin by saying that The Teleportation Accident is extraordinary, and extraordinarily fun. And that I reserve the right to add the extra half star to the rating when I re-read the book and find those last few threads that I believe I missed.

That is to say that The Teleportation Accident is a complex story. It jumps through time and space, and sometimes bends the rules of both, much like, well, a teleportation device might.

Our hero Egon is quite a loser (or Loeser, as his name would have it), led around the world by his libido. Yet his story is irresistible. We must find out how it turns out.

I was even more intrigued by the subplot where we learn of the secretive Professor Bailey’s past, bicycling across the US as a child with his father, in a twisted take on Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.

Yes, I’m tossing names at you without details, but The Teleportation Accident is not a book that easily lends itself to description, and it would spoil some of the fun. Why spoil any of its four endings!

Reading it is well worth your time, and I expect to see it on the Booker short list later this week.



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