Podcast #6: Deborah Levy’s Swimming Home

Swimming_HomeYou thought that after the announcement of the winner we’d left the building, but it turns out that we’re not quite done just yet! The sixth and final episode in our podcasting journey is now available.  Listen in as we discuss Deborah Levy’s shortlisted novel Swimming Home (well, all of us except Karli, who was busy crafting custom swag based on the novel!).

In this episode Aaron compares the novel to the HBO series Six Feet Under, “Meh!” cries Michelle, Penny can’t seem to escape her “challenged” comment, Mike reveals just how much Facebook porn he’s actually collected, Elizabeth admits that she fully expected to hate the novel, and Jackie reminisces about her very first period.

This is it folks!  We’ve had a lot of fun these past few months and we hope that you’ve enjoyed the reviews, the commentary, and of course these podcasts.

Listen Now
or right-click on the following hyperlink to Download & Save the podcast to your computer.


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