The 2013 Booker Hopeful: Penny’s Longlist Predictions

So we are each taking turns to see if we can pick the 12 this year’s Man Booker Judges will select for the actual long list. Their choices are going to be announced in just two short days on the 23rd of July.

For now, here’s what I hope to see make the list. It’s mostly a combination of what I want to read and a wee bit of what I think may appear on the list. (Does anyone have any idea about what this year’s batch of judges have in mind? Last year it really seemed to be about the not-so-well-known, very small and independent publishers and novels written about characters overcoming adverse situations, filled with hope and the need to persevere. At least, that was my opinion. And then, there was Hilary Mantel’s book, definitely a more mainstream, very well-known author with a hefty publisher which ended up the winner.)

Anyway, I seem to have blathered on, without further ado, here are my hopefuls. My hopefuls are a combination of what I want to read (more slanted to this) and a bit of what I think may appear, and appear below in no particular order at all:

  1. Life After Life, Kate Atkinson
  2. The Forgiven, Lawrence Osborne
  3. The Testament of Mary, Colm Toibin
  4. The Aftermath, Rhidian Brook
  5. The Daughters of Mars, Thomas Keneally
  6. Burial Rites, Hannah Kent
  7. All the Birds, Singing, Evie Wyld
  8. The Luminaries, Eleanor Catton
  9. The Orchard of Lost Souls, Nadifa Mohamed
  10. The Spinning Heart, Donal Ryan
  11. Amity & Sorrow, Peggy Riley
  12. The Rosie Project, Graeme Simsion

aftermath the forgiven testament spinning rosie orchard of lost luminaries Life after Life daughters of mars Burial Rites amity All the Birds Singing



  1. Well, three of your predictions match mine: Atkinson, Wyld & Kent. I haven’t read several of your picks and, in fact, there are a couple I am totally unfamiliar with. What has surprised me is your pick of “Amity & Sorrow”. I finished this a week ago and thought it was very good and have been wondering why no one has mentioned it and it has been on no one’s radar (that I’ve seen)…and now I see that you thought it good enough to make the longlist! I think I would be a bit surprised to see it tomorrow, but I certainly wouldn’t be upset if I did.

    1. Yes, and sadly Amity & Sorrow didn’t make the list. I still have the book though, and really do want to read it. I’ve only heard good things! We’re all a bit sad to see Atkinson’s book didn’t make it, and I thought Wyld was interesting enough to make the cut. But I did predict 3 of the 13! Not bad! Thanks for reading and we hope you continue along with us during this project!

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