And Now For A Moment Of Shameless Self-Promotion

BookerMarksToday, we interrupt our Man Booker coverage for just a moment to let you more about each of the bloggers that are taking part in this year’s shadowing project.

For three months every year, these brave individuals risk carpal tunnel syndrome, paper cuts, and pinky blisters in order to bring you the best in Booker coverage.  That doesn’t mean that they’re lazy the rest of the year though (ahem, Mike).  If your enjoying the content that’s being published on BookerMarks, then perhaps you’ll want to check out each of their official sites for the massive amount of book related reviews, news, and interviews that happen on a steady, year round basis.  Like them on La Twitter!  Follow them on The Facebook!  All the kids are doing it these days.

This will be our one and only moment of self-promotion this year.  Well, unless you consider the “About” page self-promotion.  Then this is technically our second and not only moment of self-promotion.  “Second and not only” is now our new favorite phrase.  We’ll try to work that in wherever possible in the future.  It just rolls right off the keyboard…

Typographical EraTypographical Era
Aaron, Karli

Founded in January of 2013, Typographical Era represents the merging of two previously independent bloggers – Aaron (former moderator of Opinionless) and Karli (former moderator of Hooked Bookworm).

Working together at first to interview authors and record in-depth discussions of Booker nominated novels, we quickly realized that we share similarities in styles and ideals, as well as a deep passion for delivering honest reviews and interesting literary news to our individual readerships. Typographical Era brings together the best bits of our former sites, and also showcases some very unique synergies that couldn’t have been implemented otherwise.

Literary_HoardersLiterary Hoarders
Elizabeth, Jackie, Penny

Facebook | Twitter

The Literary Hoarders came about due to an obsessive hoarding of books, that all three of us are unabashedly inflicted with. We three, Elizabeth, Penny and Jackie have known one another from grade school. Our friendship has continued as we discovered in our later years (we will never share how late those years are, a true lady never does!) our love of books.

Each can lay claim to enormous, teetering piles of books “to be read” laying in many nooks and crannies in our homes. We continue to feed this disorder through regular (and I mean almost daily) emails of books that we should add to our piles. We almost never turn down a recommendation. (That may be where some of our problems lay…)

The Well Read FishThe Well Read Fish


I love Ellen and Jon Stewart. My favorite foods are cheese and hot chocolate. I write, practice yoga, run and have been known to do the flying trapeze. I really like caramel and root beer. I don’t like open-mouth gum chewing, bigotry, cilantro, arrogance, mustard, and people who talk on cell phones on the bus. I am from New York and I love it. I lived in L.A and did not love it. I went to the University of Wisconsin and am a very proud Badger. I love to read and I suspect you do too.

A Reader and a RiderA Reader and a Rider

A lot has changed since returning from my Transcontinental Ride from Seattle, Washington to Williamsburg, Virginia in 2010. I found myself with much more time on my hands since I was not training all of the time. So, I started reading again. I loved reading as a child, but in college I was studying and then started a family and a career, so I was only reading a handful of books a year.

Then I found Goodreads. That website coupled with finding the Opinionless Book Club and with extra time on my hands propelled me into reading voraciously again.

40 Gigs and a Mule40 Gigs and a Mule

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