2013 Longlisted: The Testament of Mary by Colm Tóibín #4

The_Testament_of_MaryRating: 1.5
The Testament of Mary

A Novel by Colm Tóibín
2012 / 96 Pages

Where to start. Maybe in the middle? That seems appropriate for a review of this (thankfully!) very slim book, as it too starts in the middle.

The story of Mary is not a direct cultural touchstone for me, but I know the basics. And Tóibín here seems to be going for a sort of AU* version of the story we know.

Was Jesus the son of God, or was he a jerk who didn’t listen to his mother? His poor, poor, suffering mother.

And… then it’s over.

I gave The Testament Of Mary an extra half star because all the words were spelled correctly.

This (brief!) review was simultaneously posted at 40 Gigs and a Mule.


*AU = Alternate Universe. An alternative universe (also known as alternate universe or alternate reality), commonly abbreviated as AU, is a type or form of in which canonical facts of setting or characterization in the universe being explored or written about are deliberately changed. (Wikipedia)


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