Podcast #11: The Lowland by Jhumpa Lahiri

Arthur Brown, BALCO, Colum McCann, Fredrick Douglass, gender, George Mitchell, history, John Alcock, Let the Great World Spin, Major League Baseball, national book award, Northern Ireland, TransatlanticTrue to our word, here’s podcast #3 of the week!

Three!  See.  I told you that we’d make up for lost time.  Didn’t believe me?  Take your punishment in the form of a deliciously enjoyable digital audio file.  Wait, what?  You did believe me?  The reward for your unwavering faith in my abilities is…a deliciously enjoyable digital audio file.  The margin between the winners and the losers this time is very, very small.

In this episode Aaron saves Jackie with a creative edit, Jackie admits that she hasn’t finished the book (recurring theme?), and Michelle dreams of having a daybed of her very own.

Looking for more? Don’t forget to check out our individual reviews of the novel:

Aaron: Review (4.5)
Penny: Review (4.0)

Michelle: Review (3.5)

Listen Now
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