Podcast #13: A Tale for the Time Being by Ruth Ozeki

A_Tale_For_The_Time_BeingWe made it!

That’s a wrap!  Call it a year!  Last year we finished recording the podcasts before the big announcement, but we were’t able to release them all to the world until after.  This year, we worked overtime to get them all done on time.  This is our final podcast, and if you’re a fan of anus, it’s a great one.

In this episode Aaron compares Nao to Darling, Jackie reveals what her supapowa is, Karli thinks Aaron is too obsessed with anus and isn’t afraid to let him know it, and Michelle shockingly admits for the first time ever that she thinks that The Luminaries should win the prize.

Looking for more? Don’t forget to check out our individual reviews of the novel:

Penny: Review (5.0)
Elizabeth: Review (4.5)
Michelle: Review (4.5)
Aaron: Review (4.0)
Karli: Review (4.0)

Listen Now
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