Booker 2012

Where Are They Now?: The 2012 Shortlist Contenders

Booker 2012Oh what a difference a year makes!  We’re all focused with laser like intensity on the new crop of hopefuls that have emerged to fight it out for this year’s Man Booker Award.  We’re busy debating who will make the shortlist cut.  We’re itching to celebrate/complain about who gets crowned the winner.  But whatever became of the class of 2012?

Below we take a quick look at what last year’s finalists have been up to since the announcement of Hilary Mantel’s history making victory.


Podcast #6: Deborah Levy’s Swimming Home

Swimming_HomeYou thought that after the announcement of the winner we’d left the building, but it turns out that we’re not quite done just yet! The sixth and final episode in our podcasting journey is now available.  Listen in as we discuss Deborah Levy’s shortlisted novel Swimming Home (well, all of us except Karli, who was busy crafting custom swag based on the novel!).

In this episode Aaron compares the novel to the HBO series Six Feet Under, “Meh!” cries Michelle, Penny can’t seem to escape her “challenged” comment, Mike reveals just how much Facebook porn he’s actually collected, Elizabeth admits that she fully expected to hate the novel, and Jackie reminisces about her very first period.

This is it folks!  We’ve had a lot of fun these past few months and we hope that you’ve enjoyed the reviews, the commentary, and of course these podcasts.


Book Review: 2012 Shortlisted: Alison Moore’s The Lighthouse (Review #6)

Rating: 4.0
The Lighthouse
A Novel by Alison Moore
2012 / 192 Pages

In Alison Moore’s The Lighthouse, we meet Futh, an Englishman on vacation in Germany. Futh has been thrown out by his wife. Or to be more exact, she has rented him a flat and moved him into it.

This sums up Futh. He is that most clichéd of Englishman, the meek little man hanging on for dear life. I believe it was Pink Floyd who sang “Hanging on in quiet desperation is the English way.”

Book Review: 2012 Shortlisted: Deborah Levy’s Swimming Home (Review #7)

Rating: 3.5
Swimming Home
A Novel by Deborah Levy
2012/157 pages (115 on the Nook)

I just finished reading Swimming Home, a mere four hours short of tonight’s podcast recording, and a few hours short (I think?) of the announcement of the Man Booker Prize winner.

As others have said, it is a slight book. Slight in thickness, but not necessarily in depth. There is a whole lot going on here. We have a beautiful, often-naked, poet-stalker (the worst of all stalkers, as you know). A newly menstruating teenager. An awful couple. An awfuller couple. A stoned caretaker. An an awesome old lady whom I liked most of all.


Book Review: 2012 Short Listed: Deborah Levy’s Swimming Home (Review #5)

Rating: 2.5
Swimming Home
A Novel by Deborah Levy
2012 / 157 Pages

And then Laura changed the subject and asked Isabel if she thought Kitty Finch might be a little … she searched for the word … ‘touched’? The word stuck in her mouth and she wished she had another language to translate what she meant, because the only words stored inside her were from the school playground of her generation, a lexicon that in no particular order started with barmy, bonkers, barking and went on to loopy, nuts, off with the fairies and then danced up the alphabet again to end with cuckoo.

Swimming Home is a very short book. Short on pages, short on characters and short on catching my interest.