2013 Man Booker Shortlisted: Harvest by Jim Crace #6

HarvestRating: 2.0
A Novel by Jim Crace
2013 / 224 pages

I feel like I have been transported back in time! It is 1987 and Mrs. Edmunson has assigned us Harvest by Jim Crace for grade 12 novel study. “You must read it so try to enjoy it” she says. “Come on! There are some great things in here! There is violence and witches and even magic mushrooms!”


Book Review: 2012 Short Listed: Deborah Levy’s Swimming Home (Review #5)

Rating: 2.5
Swimming Home
A Novel by Deborah Levy
2012 / 157 Pages

And then Laura changed the subject and asked Isabel if she thought Kitty Finch might be a little … she searched for the word … ‘touched’? The word stuck in her mouth and she wished she had another language to translate what she meant, because the only words stored inside her were from the school playground of her generation, a lexicon that in no particular order started with barmy, bonkers, barking and went on to loopy, nuts, off with the fairies and then danced up the alphabet again to end with cuckoo.

Swimming Home is a very short book. Short on pages, short on characters and short on catching my interest.