The Kill


2013 Longlisted: The Kills by Richard House

The_KillsRating: 4.5
The Kills
A Novel by Richard House
2013 / 913 Pages

Has anybody ever told you it’s not coming true

What could I possibly have left to write about Richard House’s Booker nominated conspiracy masterpiece that I haven’t written already?

This article exists less as a proper book review and more as a placeholder from which to link out to each of my previously published reviews of the four stand-alone novels – Sutler (book one), The Massive (book two), The Kill (book three), and The Hit (book four) – that combine to form The Kills.

The overall verdict: you should drop everything and read this novel. For more detailed explanations as to why, see each of the linked articles below.



2013 Longlisted: The Hit by Richard House (The Kills: Book Four)

The_HitRating: 4.5
The Hit (The Kills: Book Four)
A Novel by Richard House
2013 / 261 Pages

There is a world inside the world

The Kills is a 2013 Man Booker Prize nominated volume from Richard House which is comprised of four stand-alone novels. The Hit is the fourth of these novels.

In Don DeLillo’s classic 1988 novel Libra, a fictionalized Lee Harvey Oswald repeatedly insists that “There is a world inside the world.” Emphasizing his belief that buried beneath the surface of the visible, lurking just out of sight, is some second layer of complex hidden truths that are driven by incomprehensible machinations, this succinct statement compactly echoes the fear of conspiracy theorists and paranoid delusionists the world over.



Know You Booker!: Richard House’s The Kill (The Kills: Book Three)

The_KillSo you think you know everything there is to know about The Kill, the third book in Richard House’s Booker nominated novel The Kills? Test your knowledge against our GoodReads quiz here!

What’s it about?

The Kill is described by the book’s publisher Picador as follows:

One summer in Naples two brothers turn a murder story into reality.

Evidence of a violent crime is found in the basement of an Italian palazzo.

A missing American student appears to be the victim, two mysterious brothers the main suspects.

The strangest thing: the murder seems to have been inspired by an old crime novel, a book called The Kill.

The Kill is book three of The Kills.



2013 Longlisted: The Kill by Richard House (The Kills: Book Three)

The_KillRating: 3.5
The Kill (The Kills: Book Three)
A Novel by Richard House
2013 / 256 Pages

Fate up against your will

The Kills is a 2013 Man Booker Prize nominated volume from Richard House which is comprised of four stand-alone novels. The Kill is the third of these novels.

Richard House is about to put an extreme amount of faith in you as a reader, but the real question is how much do you trust him as a writer?

As book three of his addictively mind-blowing epic The Kills gets underway, it appears as though House has hit the pause button on his tale of military conspiracy in order tell a completely different, yet just as interesting side story about a grisly murder that takes place in the basement of an Italian palazzo. Trust him. Even if this drama seems unconnected to the main narrative that’s been building for the previous 500+ pages in the series, this detour will eventually make some sense.


The Many Covers Of The 2013 Man Booker Nominees

Man_Booker_Logo_300x300I know, I know, never judge a book by its cover, right?  But how can you help it?  Like it or not, we’re all highly visual beings and cover art can make or break a book when it comes to sales.

Below I’ve complied all the different covers that have been released across the globe for each of the 13 Booker nominees.  Let’s play a little game.  Comment below and tell us, based on looks alone, who would get the Booker for best cover design?